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When I played competitive high school sports in the early 1970s, our three P.E. teachers were our only coaches, we wore our hideous seafoam-green cotton gym suits for every sport because the school provided no sport-specific uniforms (as they did for the boys), and our basketball teams were only allowed in the gym if the boys weren’t using it – otherwise, we had to play and practice outside on the blacktop.

The Impact of UConn Women’s Basketball?

After the University of Connecticut Women’s basketball defeated Saint Francis in the first round of the NCAA tournament, USA Today’s Josh Peter wrote that the team and its coach, Geno Auriemma, who were celebrating their first-round win, should be embarrassed. 

My Love Letter to Soccer

I am Rita Jones Ellis and I am a proud 59-year-old Scot-Canadian-American woman (I have the passports to prove it!). Born into a Scottish family with an undying love of soccer, I was the eldest girl in a family of seven – five girls, two boys. 

Go Figure (Skate!)

If I tell someone that I skate, they ask “rollerblading or skateboarding?” Imagine their surprise when I tell them… synchronized ice skating! My name is Signe Sawyer, and this is the story of how a little girl became a strong skater and confident young woman.

Aces on the Board

Only one day separates us now from the next episode of the WNBA Draft, and I can’t remember being more excited about a draft board in my life. Well, okay—2013 was pretty special. 

Skate Like a Girl

For the first time in my life, I feel like I am a part of a community where I belong. Skateboarding gives me the feeling of extreme happiness when I complete a trick, but also humility when I fall.