The Awesome Sports Project is an online literary journal committed to inspiring girls and women’s voices in sports.

Through an online platform, an internship program, and a writing contest, our goal is to offer a platform for girls and women to share their experiences in sports and to normalize the conversation around women in athletics. It is more important now than ever to lend power and voice to our girls and women, all over the world.

We welcome unsolicited submissions. For high school and young college students, we offer a four-month internship program. All of our editors are volunteers and we pay our expenses through the generosity of our donors. Please consider a small donation to keep the website running.

The Awesome Sports Project publishes every Tuesday from November to June.

ASP is a project of Basketball Education in Action, which educates and inspires girl athletes by connecting them with women who have been there, done it, and loved it.


Our Team


EDITOR    Halli Melnitsky

EDITOR   Erin Rozniakowski 

EDITOR   Ashley Wilson

EDITOR  Sierra Berkel



CURRENT EDITORIAL INTERNS Hayley Nigrelle and Emily Solomon

Join our awesome editorial team! We are always looking for editors, designers and four-month interns (high school or college students). Contact us at awesomesportsproject@gmail.com.