From the Athletes You Raised: Thank You, Moms!

From the Athletes You Raised: Thank You, Moms!

For the past 30 years, in and around the state of Washington, girls who play basketball tend to spend Mother’s Day in Yakima at the Best in the West Tournament – and so do their mothers. We, girl and women athletes, would like to take the time to show our appreciation for our mothers for all of the little and big things they do – driving us to practice, feeding us before games, bandaging our cuts. Our mothers’ continued support, encouragement, and unconditional love have allowed us to chase our dreams on and of the court. Thank you, Moms!

“Thank you mom for allowing me to play the game that I love and for all the sacrifices you have made for me. From when I use to skip down the court, to every air balled shot I took, to all the bumps and bruises. Thank you for always believing in me and introducing me to the game I love.” – Marivel Ortega

“Thanks mom for bringing me to practice and putting up with me 24/7. You are truly a role model and I can’t thank you enough for all of the things you do for me. Love you!” – Dominique Kirton

“Thank you mom for always being there for me on and off the court. Your willingness to help me reach my potential and goals does not go unappreciated. Whether it was staying up until 1 am waiting for me to come home from the gym, or simply bandaging my wounds from my games. Your support and care is something I look up to. Thank you mom! Happy Mother’s Day!” – Mady Burdett

“My mom is the busiest mom I know, but somehow she still finds time to help me with anything I need or drives me two hours on Fridays for practice straight after she works a full day. My mom is practically super woman, my real life hero, and I love her.” – Natalie Amos

“Thank you mom for being my biggest fan, not only on the court but also off. You were always there for me through the ups and the downs! And thanks for dealing with dad yelling at the refs for me, you’re the real MVP!” – Alexa Mendezona

“I want to thank my mom for pushing me to continue playing basketball, especially when I was ready to throw in the towel. She’s taught me that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.’ Thank you mom, I love you!” – Maddie Egberg

“Mom, I can’t thank you enough for the countless hours you spend driving up and down I-5 and traveling to different places to get me to basketball and always support me. Since day one, you’ve always taught me to share my aloha and that has always and will always continue to stick with me. I love you…Happy Momma’s Day!” – Davi Borromeo

“I want to thank my momma for helping her little girl blossom. Whether it’s basketball or life, I wouldn’t be me without her.” – Missy Peterson

“My mom has been my chauffeur taking me from dance to softball to basketball to soccer for the last 15 years of my life, but she’s really so much more. She’s my support system, my coach, and my best friend. I definitely would not be the athlete or the person I am today without her encouragement and never-ending love. Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love you!” – Maddie Petit

“Mom, thank you for everything you have taught me, on and of the court. I’m blessed to have such an amazing woman mentoring me and supporting me in everything I do. I love you!” – Katie Hartman

“Thank you for all that you do, mom! I always appreciate all of the support you put towards me, although I may not show it often. Thanks for driving me all the way to practice twice a week (with tournaments on the weekends), and teaching me lessons that I will carry throughout my life!” – Olivia Skiebel

“My mom sacrificed a lot of her off days and weekends to take me to basketball games. She didn’t know much about basketball, but after my first two years of playing, she began to love watching the game as much as I loved playing it. I also appreciate her commentsto the referees when they made awful calls! I would like to thank her for her continuous support and love.” – Ledia Musye

“Thank you so much mom for being such an amazing role model, both in sports and in life. You are such an inspiration in all that you do in tennis; how hard you worked in the past to be the best you could be, and how hard you work in the present to make sure I am the best I can be. Thank you Coach Lori!” – Melina Monlux

“I am grateful for my mom because she never gives up in anything, and definitely never gives up on me. She taught me how to work hard and how to be proud of the work I am doing. She taught me to persevere through hard times. Most importantly, my mom taught me how to be balanced. She is always the person I can count on to be whatever you need, whether it’s someone to talk some sense into me, someone just to be there and support me, or someone to help me relax and take a deep breathe, my mom is always there, no matter what.” – Allie Morrison

"Thank you mom for everything you do for me from driving me to all my practices and games and being my biggest supporter to all the life lessons you teach me. I'm so happy I have a wonderful woman like you as my mom! I truly appreciate all you do for our family and I'm thankful for the way you raised us kids. I love you so much mom and I hope you have a great Mother's Day!" - Sydney Guffey

“On rainy days, my mom always got the parking spot right next to the soccer field so she could honk every time I scored a goal. It was slightly embarrassing at the time, but now it’s one of my favorite memories. I am the youngest of seven active girls, so my mom has learned some tricks along the way. I have two daughters of my won now and I’m so thankful that I got to learn from one of the best!” – Jen Bresler





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