Triple Impact Competitor

Triple Impact Competitor

BY MYANA CALLOWAY | This essay was selected as the 2st-Place Winner in the youth category of the Awesome Sports Writing Contest

A Triple Impact Competitor describes a student-athlete who, has learned and committed to making a positive impact in three ways: making yourself better, making your team better, and making the game better. These commitments has changed my life to be more positive on and off the court.  I will share my pledge and commitments to always be a triple impact competitor with hopes to inspire other student-athletes.

My first commitment is to “Make Myself Better.” In order to make myself better, I have to have a growth mindset, a teachable spirit, and be hungry for feedback. I have to give maximum effort at workouts, practices, and competitions. Improve my “mental game” with techniques like visualization, positive self-talk, and a “Mistake Ritual” to quickly bounce back from mistakes without getting down on myself. I must set challenging goals in life, school, and in sport and achieve them. I also have to track progress and push myself to beat my goals. Being a “24-hour athlete,” I have to avoid high risk behaviors like partying, drinking alcohol and doing drugs and surround myself with positive people. I have to manage my diet and eat nutritious healthy foods, taking care of my body properly will help maximize performance on and off the court.

Committing to make myself better has made sports more fun for me and my teams. I’ve become more disciplined and mature on and off the court. Now I take practice much more seriously because my commitment is to make myself better. I train 4-5 days per week and keep up on my homework and grades. 


My second commitment is to “Make My Team Better.” To make my team better, I should fill my teammates’ emotional tanks with positive encouragement when they are down on themselves. I should always be ready and willing to help teammates improve, and be a team player who promotes team success and builds team chemistry. Sometimes I have to empathize to understand what they are going through. Learning to give constructive criticism at the right time in the right way will help build teammates up and not tear them down. I have to be an unselfish team player who puts team success first, and participates in activities that build team chemistry. I also have to manage my emotions and positively resolve conflicts.

For example, when there is a silent gym during our team practice, the coach makes the whole team run lines. Everyone starts out strong, progressively getting tired. The person who finished first starts clapping and cheering on the people who haven't finished yet. Then the second person who finished copies them, the gym starts getting louder, soon more people finish and join the cheering. Then the gym is loud and energetic.  I make my teammates better by stepping out of my comfort zone to cheer on my teammates, and making the environment more fun and energetic!  Being an unselfish player has definitely made me stand out more as a team player who cares about making my team better.


My third commitment is to “Make The Game Better.” To make the game better, I honor the game by respecting my R.O.O.T.S. (Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates, and Self).  As an athlete, I must use my status and influence to improve my school, community, and sport; including helping to prevent hazing and bullying. When I honor and respect my ROOTS, I make the game better, and my community better and safer as well. 

After every game, I thank coaches and officials because of my commitment to honor my R.O.O.T.S.  Honoring my R.O.O.T.S. also means respecting my opponents. I believe my “opponents are a gift”. I am thankful to be able to play against really good teams and players. I have lost games, and have been beaten by better players, but going up against higher level players has made me a better overall player and I think of them as a gift not an enemy.

Being a Triple Impact Competitor has made me a better, more positive person.  Through my journey in basketball from sixth grade to now, i have changed a lot because of these positive teachings. I am always working hard and setting a high bar for myself and everyone who may be looking up to me.   

There are many athletes who are triple impact competitors like me. For example, LeBron James used his platform as an athlete to build a school called the I Promise School, giving kids a second chance in their education. Serena Williams uses her platform to shine light on equality and recognizing women athletes and sports. Steph Curry is a triple impact competitor and uses his platform to be a spokesperson and advocate for the positive coaching alliance who created triple impact competitor program

If everyone had the mindset of Triple Impact Competitor the sports world would be a better place because everyone's pushing to make themselves better, their teammates better, and the game better. Committing yourself to being a Triple Impact Competitor is a big step and takes a lot of discipline and focus, however ultimately it will help create a more positive experience in sports, and will give a more meaningful purpose to your life.

My pledge and commitment is to always be a Triple Impact Competitor.

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